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Health Care Providers

Welcome to UnitedHealthcare's online provider tool, a resource available to physicians and healthcare professionals serving consumers with UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement and Hospital Indemnity Plans that carry the AARP name.

On this website you can access real-time information on:
  • Member Eligibility
  • Claim Status
  • Claim Payment Information
  • Plan Benefits
  • Check Details

To access Optum Pay Electronic Payments and Statements, ACH and EFT information, please visit the Optum Pay Website.

PW1 5/06

This message only applies to the AARP® Healthcare Options provider website.

In early 2023, the AARP® HealthCare Options provider website will be retired and all existing user accounts will move to the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. ;Additional information will be posted once we get closer to the migration.

**Third party billers or billing agencies will receive an email requesting additional information in November.


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